2018 Headlines and Penny Kelly’s book “Robes”

On the first day of a new year I like to look over the top headlines and stories from the previous year. As I did so this year I could not help but relate them to Penny Kelly’s book, “Robes: A Book of Coming Changes from the Little Men in Brown Robes”. These statements were given to Kelly in the early 1980s.

Robes: P 30 “One of the most obvious and overlooked signs will be the inability of your government to satisfy anyone. Delays will become more and more prolonged as committees and meetings are scheduled endlessly. However, when the committees and meetings are done, it will be backdoor dealings that determine the decisions; decisions that contradict all common sense.”

USA Today: “The shutdown began Dec. 22 when President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats failed to reach an agreement over White House demands for as much as $5 billion in additional funding for a border wall. With both sides dug in, there has been little indication that the impasse will be resolved quickly.”

Robes: P 31 “Among the signs of the end times will be the fairly rapid influx of women into government.”

Time: “Already in 2018, women candidates have broken the records for the number of candidates for governor, U.S. House and U.S. Senate. And that trend continued in the 2018 midterm elections. The U.S. House of Representatives elected a record number of women, with at least 90 women expected to make their way to Washington, D.C. in January.”

Robes: P 31 “At the same time, a number of long-time politicians will begin leaving their positions like critters fleeing a sinking ship.”

CNN: “House Republicans are announcing they’re leaving office at a significantly faster rate than any other recent Congresses…Already, at least 44 House Republicans have announced they are retiring, running for another office or resigning outright, including Ryan. They’re leaving from all over the map, from southern New Jersey to southern New Mexico.”

CNN: “‘All the evidence points to an unsettling truth: The Senate as an institution is in crisis,’ retiring Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah lamented in his farewell speech delivered on the Senate floor.

“Sen. Claire McCaskill, who was defeated in the November midterm elections, echoed that idea when she delivered her own farewell speech. ‘I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was worried about this place,’ she said. ‘It just doesn’t work as well as it used to. ‘Something is broken,’ the Missouri Democrat went on to say.

“As senators who were either ousted in the elections or decided to retire and not seek another term reflected on their time in Congress, many expressed dismay at how divided Washington has become as lawmakers retreat to entrenched partisan positions that leave little room for compromise or common ground.”

Robes: P 82 “Huge mergers will take place as more and more multi-nationals recognize that national governments are ineffective and beginning to crumble.”

NY Times: “More than $2.5 trillion in mergers were announced during the first half of the year, as fears of Silicon Valley’s growing ambitions helped drive a record run of deal-making.”

Robes: P 84: “This will be a time of many refugees and homeless, immigrants and ethnic tribes….”

Bloomberg Businessweek: “The homeless population is still high, at 52,765—up 47 percent from 2012. Those who’d become homeless for the first time jumped 16 percent from last year, to 9,322 people….”

United Nations: “There are now an estimated 258 million people living in a country other than their country of birth — an increase of 49% since 2000 — according to new figures released by UN DESA today, on International Migrants Day. “

P 82 “…this will be the time when the inherent weaknesses of widespread poor health in first world countries will begin to make itself felt.”

Becker’s Healthcare: “Here are the three things to know:

1. The U.S. ranked last place among the 11 countries for health outcomes, equity and quality, despite having the highest per capita health earnings.

2. The U.S. also had the highest rate of mortality amenable to healthcare, meaning more Americans die from poor care quality than any other country involved in the study.

3. Poor access to primary care in the U.S. has contributed to inadequate chronic disease prevention and management, delayed diagnoses and safety concerns, among other issues.”

Robes: P 84: “Complicating this will be the extremes of weather that we mentioned in an earlier visit, and growing shortages of food as the millennium turns over a new leaf and moves through its first decade or two.”

The Guardian: “The extreme heatwaves and wildfires wreaking havoc around the globe are ‘the face of climate change,’ one of the world’s leading climate scientists has declared, with the impacts of global warming now ‘playing out in real time.’”

Unfortunately I could continue taking quotations from “Robes” and matching them with headlines from 2018. The robes gave this parting information to Kelly:

“If you help even one individual, it will be good, but we think you seriously underestimate the growing need people intuitively feel for something that will help them understand and cope with the coming changes. Most humans will appreciate the chance to see inside these changes, and besides, they have an innate need to change in creative ways. The entire earth experience is centered on learning to create. At the very least you would help remind people that creativity, fresh vision, and courage are very useful during times of intense change.”


5 Responses to “2018 Headlines and Penny Kelly’s book “Robes””

  1. Charles Sides on the headlines and the prophecies | "I of my own knowledge…" Says:

    […] https://charlessides.wordpress.com/2019/01/01/2018-headlines-and-penny-kellys-book-robes/ […]

  2. Nancy Ford Says:

    Charles, I printed out all five of these postings since as I read each one, I was nodding in agreement. How can anyone living in the midst of the events foreseen years ago, not recognize that we have reached that point?

    It isn’t as though prophesy is something new or earth shattering, it just gets bad press or worse, labels like conspiracy theory or fanaticism, or no press at all. But then, I’m not saying anything you don’t know already.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. charlessides Says:

    Thank you, Nancy. I agree, how can anyone “not recognize that we have reached that point?” Penny Kelly does write that we shouldn’t be fearful about the coming changes. They will bring a restructuring of all that we know but also a higher level of awareness and an appreciation of nature. Let’s hope!

  4. charlessides Says:

    I ordered a second copy of “Robes” and already loaned it out…but only to a person who is careful with my books and doesn’t make a mark in them. I’m waiting for another Penny Kelly book to arrive–“The Evolving Human”–It’s about her kundalini experience.

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